Generally about my activities

The radio amateur transmitting has been my great hobby from 1961 year. I tried also some other hobbies, for example playing guitar, painting, astronomy, traveling Europe, climbing in High Tatra in Slovakia  and Austrian and Swiss Alps. I had a small  sailing boat named Pirat on the Zermanice dam for many years, where I sailed with my friends and family.  Now I also like Internet with great possibilities to get informations and  programs for radio amateur digi and satellite operation, HF and WX propagation, modify pictures, astronomy, playing music (MID, WAV, MP3) etc.

I began transmit in  Radioclub named "VITKOVICE" (now S.F.B.Morse Club) with its call OK2KVI. I took place with my friends in many KV and VKV CW and SSB contests. We got many QSL cards, awards (confirmed 143  countries and over 30 awards). It was a great  fun. I worked by steps in class C, B to A.

In 1972 I received my own license as OK2SWD (Short Wave Dusan hi). There I worked CW, SSB on all KV bands and FM on VKV 144 MHz. I got till now over 100 Awards (see my Awards library) and many nice QSL cards. I have confirmed 220 DXCC countries to the 31th December 2010. I`m a member of CRK, VRK, CLC, OTC, SPDX,  PODXS070, S.F.B.Morse, SKCC, CCT, DMC, OMC,  EPC and CZ-EPC clubs.


I made my first RTTY QSO as OK2SWD with LA0HF in 2001 thanks the very good program MMTTY for PC sound card from Makoto Mori JE3HHT. By that date I had some dificulties to work RTTY, because my computer PC486DX2-80 MHz was a little slow. But after some corrections in configuration this program worked very well. Now I have use with MMTTY other digi programs as Digipan v.1.7, 2.0, MixW v.2.07, 2.18,  MMVARI 0.41, MultiPSK 4.16  for RTTY, BPSK31,63,125, OLIVIA and other DIGI modes and MMSSTV 0.11 for SSTV. From year 2003  I have PC PentiumII-333 MHz 96MB RAM SB16 that all works very well (Now it is in my portable QTH). From year 2005 I have PC PentiumIV-2.0 GHz 256MB RAM 80GB HD on Windows XP Pro., that all works very well, too. I tried also the  programs PSK31 Deluxe 2.1, W1SQLPSK 4.2, DXPSK 2.0, MultiPSK 2.2, MMVari 0.42, MultiPSK 4.8, CWSkimmer 1.1, FLDigi 3.03, AirLinkExpress 1.5.1, Chromapix 2.1, W95SSTV 1.03. For HF-Propagation: VOACAP for WIN98, Swisslog 3.D8, HFProp 1.3; for Antennas: MN Antena Analysis, Antena Optimiser A0 6.5, HFant, MMANA 1.77, MMANAgal 1.1; for Sattellite: Orbitron 3.71, Satscape 2.0, JVComm32 1.0. For electro circuits: CYBER Circuit, Simetrix 4.0, TARGET 3001, Visual Analyser 5.5, Spectrogram 5.0 and SpectrumLab. Most of those programs are on WEB pages If you want, send me E-mail  and I can give you addresses of those programs on Internet. For contest logs I`m using N6TR program with POST.EXE for convert logs to Cabrillo format. I send  my QSL via CRK bureau (and also I receive your QSL). If you like, I can send QSL also via eQSL bureau ( ) or via E-mail.